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Flesherton, Ontario -- The Gateway to Beaver Valley

     The village of Flesherton (population 700), often referred to as "the Gateway to Beaver Valley", is beautifully set in the rural countryside and sits at the crossroads of Highway 10 and Grey County Road #4 in the Municipality of Grey Highlands.  In addition to Grey Highlands Secondary School and MacPhail Memorial Elementary School (which was beautifully rebuilt in 2006 and abuts Flesherton Hills, a 100 acre wooded walking trail), the village includes an arena, post office, brand new library (2011), the South Grey Museum, a Canadian Legion hall, 2 churches and various small parks and walking trails.  Charming shops include a bakery, cheese and produce markets, hardware and plumbing supply stores, real estate offices, auto sales and service businesses, a funeral home and a bank, as well as popular restaurants and the Inn at Munshaw House. Flesherton also boasts a thriving artistic commuity, including various artists' studios and galleries which are regularly opened to the public.  The Farmers' Market, held at the arena each Saturday morning from May through October, and nearby scenic attractions such as Eugenia Falls, the Saugeen and Boyne Rivers and sections of the Bruce Trail, never fail to please.  


     Village history can be traced back to the mid-nineteenth century, when an influx of Scottish and Irish immigrants arrived to begin hard, new lives around this mill town on the Boyne River.  One of the first was William Kingston Flesher, who was responsible for much of the initial development of the valley economy, building a saw mill and grist mill on the Boyne River and going on to act at various times as post-master, magistrate, druggist, doctor, county warden, village reeve, captain of the local militia, and in 1872 as MP, when Flesher was elected to the House of Commons for the riding of Grey East.  The village now bears his name in recognition of his outstanding service to the community.


     Notable residents and former residents include Agnes MacPhail, the first woman elected to the House of Commons, who served as MP for the area for more than a decade; Oliver Schroer, an award winning fiddler and recording artist; Matt Galloway, CBC radio host; Chris Neil, NHL hockey player and local hero, currently playing for the Ottawa Senators. 


The Flesherton


The Ontario government today released its report, Rural Roadmap that outlines key government priorities aimed at building on the strengths of Ontario’s rural communities. A media release was also issued, to announce this report. Here is a section of that release, a bulleted list of rural-related economic statistics, called Quick Facts. In 2012, Ontario’s rural [&hellip

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Grey County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), along with OPP officers across the province, will be highly visible this Easter weekend with a traffic initiative targeting the “Big 4” major causes of death and injury on our roadways;  impaired driving, aggressive driving, distracted driving and failure to wear or improper use of seatbelts. This traffic initiative [&hellip

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The Ontario government’s plan to build a seamless and integrated transportation network across the province, Moving Ontario Forward,  was announced yesterday by Premier Kathleen Wynne. The plan, which is expected to create jobs and boost productivity throughout the province, would put in place dedicated and substantial funding for public transit and transportation infrastructure. It would [&hellip

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Do you draw your water from a well? Chances are, if you live in rural Canada, you do. An estimated three to four million people – about one in every eight Canadians – drink water from private supplies. In the Municipality of Grey Highlands, for example, Markdale and tiny Kimberley are served by “municipal water.” [&hellip

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Kimberley’s own General Store is expanding this spring, with a new outdoor space on the south site of the building. Construction season is upon us and , of the Kimberley Stacie Constantine, store owner recently bought the derelict building beside her store in Kimberley and received a demolition permit from the Municipality. Once down, the [&hellip

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Two of Grey County’s economic development initiatives are receiving a boost this spring in the form of Rural Economic Development (RED) funding support from the provincial government. The County will receive funding for the development of its Economic Development Strategy and for the delivery of a food safety regulations training program, which is being developed [&hellip

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Measles activity continues in Ontario, with 11 cases reported since the beginning of the year. The initial five cases were in travelers to Thailand, Europe and the Philippines, but there has been spread from these cases. While the majority of cases have not been immunized, a few cases have occurred in partially or fully immunized [&hellip

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