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Flesherton, Ontario -- The Gateway to Beaver Valley

     The village of Flesherton (population 700), often referred to as "the Gateway to Beaver Valley", is beautifully set in the rural countryside and sits at the crossroads of Highway 10 and Grey County Road #4 in the Municipality of Grey Highlands.  In addition to Grey Highlands Secondary School and MacPhail Memorial Elementary School (which was beautifully rebuilt in 2006 and abuts Flesherton Hills, a 100 acre wooded walking trail), the village includes an arena, post office, brand new library (2011), the South Grey Museum, a Canadian Legion hall, 2 churches and various small parks and walking trails.  Charming shops include a bakery, cheese and produce markets, hardware and plumbing supply stores, real estate offices, auto sales and service businesses, a funeral home and a bank, as well as popular restaurants and the Inn at Munshaw House. Flesherton also boasts a thriving artistic commuity, including various artists' studios and galleries which are regularly opened to the public.  The Farmers' Market, held at the arena each Saturday morning from May through October, and nearby scenic attractions such as Eugenia Falls, the Saugeen and Boyne Rivers and sections of the Bruce Trail, never fail to please.  


     Village history can be traced back to the mid-nineteenth century, when an influx of Scottish and Irish immigrants arrived to begin hard, new lives around this mill town on the Boyne River.  One of the first was William Kingston Flesher, who was responsible for much of the initial development of the valley economy, building a saw mill and grist mill on the Boyne River and going on to act at various times as post-master, magistrate, druggist, doctor, county warden, village reeve, captain of the local militia, and in 1872 as MP, when Flesher was elected to the House of Commons for the riding of Grey East.  The village now bears his name in recognition of his outstanding service to the community.


     Notable residents and former residents include Agnes MacPhail, the first woman elected to the House of Commons, who served as MP for the area for more than a decade; Oliver Schroer, an award winning fiddler and recording artist; Matt Galloway, CBC radio host; Chris Neil, NHL hockey player and local hero, currently playing for the Ottawa Senators. 


The Flesherton


Jon Radojkovic A little village with a saw mill operation on the mill pond and the woods cleared for lumber to build houses, a church, the school, a blacksmith shop and homes. That was Aberdeen, a thriving village 134 years ago. It was located about four miles north of Durham and one concession west of [&hellip

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There are many businesses, individuals and organizations that are particularly generous at this time of year. Here are some local Santa’s helpers! Munshaw’s Bistro owner and chef, Gilles Haché, was carving a huge holiday ham on Wednesday December 17 as he offered up a free hot lunch with all the fixings to clients and the [&hellip

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“Yikes, Santa. This is one big pile of mail!” Erno cried. The little elf was struggling to deliver two mailbags — stuffed with postcards and letters all addressed to Santa at the North Pole. Erno pushed and shoved the bags until they rested beside Santa’s chair and then plopped himself on top of a bag, [&hellip

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“Ta dum!” Erno cried as he entered the Workshop juggling three red balls. Just behind him swooped and swirled the big elf, Percy. “I am Percival the Magnificent,” the elf wearing a top hat and black cape said, as he swirled into Santa’s Workshop. It was a typically busy day at the Workshop. The other [&hellip

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The town hall was buzzing with all of the North Pole neighbours gathered together for the Winter Magic show. This annual elf show was always a much anticipated event in the community. Dressed in her “All-Seeing Amber” costume, Amber was telling fortunes in the lobby of the Town Hall, using a real crystal ball. Mrs. [&hellip

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A bylaw prompted by the Library and Museum for Municipality of Grey Highlands Council to get grant money to start and operate a TV Channel was only narrowly deferred on Monday giving council time to actually review the idea. The Municipality of Grey Highlands (MGH) Council, with four new councillors at the table, was greeted [&hellip

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Rural schools may be closed in a new provincial approach that does not recognize the important roles schools hold in the community. This blog was written by the Rural Ontario Institute’s Norm Ragetlie, Director, Policy & Stakeholder Engagement and posted on their website. Major changes have been quietly proposed in the Pupil Accommodation Review Guidelines [&hellip

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Santa and Mrs. Claus were sipping tea, snug in their cozy armchairs. Like many at the North Pole they were recalling the night at the Town Hall, laughing at the elves’ circus performance and shaking their heads at the remarkable storyteller. “But where is the storyteller now?” Santa asked. “I didn’t get to relay my [&hellip

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It’s a magical time and place – Christmas at the North Pole! But in this winter wonderland of white, Santa seems a bit blue! Can Erno and the other elves make this unhappiness disappear? What secret does Mrs. Claus have up her sleeve? And can a mysterious storyteller deliver a happy ending? Find out in [&hellip

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A dream vacation was saved from turning into a homecoming disaster thanks to the fast action of several neighbours in Priceville. Debra and Mike Varey left their home in Priceville for a trip with kids and friends to the Mayan Riviera on December 6 this month. They locked up the house, parked the old car [&hellip

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