Beaver Valley, Lake Eugenia, Flesherton, Markdale, Priceville and the surrounding area.

Flesherton, Ontario -- The Gateway to Beaver Valley

     The village of Flesherton (population 700), often referred to as "the Gateway to Beaver Valley", is beautifully set in the rural countryside and sits at the crossroads of Highway 10 and Grey County Road #4 in the Municipality of Grey Highlands.  In addition to Grey Highlands Secondary School and MacPhail Memorial Elementary School (which was beautifully rebuilt in 2006 and abuts Flesherton Hills, a 100 acre wooded walking trail), the village includes an arena, post office, brand new library (2011), the South Grey Museum, a Canadian Legion hall, 2 churches and various small parks and walking trails.  Charming shops include a bakery, cheese and produce markets, hardware and plumbing supply stores, real estate offices, auto sales and service businesses, a funeral home and a bank, as well as popular restaurants and the Inn at Munshaw House. Flesherton also boasts a thriving artistic commuity, including various artists' studios and galleries which are regularly opened to the public.  The Farmers' Market, held at the arena each Saturday morning from May through October, and nearby scenic attractions such as Eugenia Falls, the Saugeen and Boyne Rivers and sections of the Bruce Trail, never fail to please.  


     Village history can be traced back to the mid-nineteenth century, when an influx of Scottish and Irish immigrants arrived to begin hard, new lives around this mill town on the Boyne River.  One of the first was William Kingston Flesher, who was responsible for much of the initial development of the valley economy, building a saw mill and grist mill on the Boyne River and going on to act at various times as post-master, magistrate, druggist, doctor, county warden, village reeve, captain of the local militia, and in 1872 as MP, when Flesher was elected to the House of Commons for the riding of Grey East.  The village now bears his name in recognition of his outstanding service to the community.


     Notable residents and former residents include Agnes MacPhail, the first woman elected to the House of Commons, who served as MP for the area for more than a decade; Oliver Schroer, an award winning fiddler and recording artist; Matt Galloway, CBC radio host; Chris Neil, NHL hockey player and local hero, currently playing for the Ottawa Senators. 


The Flesherton


Peter Beckett the flow lines are beginning to surround the form as a perspective on sculpture or mechanical kinetic drawing which is having its influence on the intuitive as the form expands to the perspectives attached to an ancient pine board from an attic floor for a century to the centuries before when the pine [&hellip

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It’s been a bad year for mosquitos if you’re a blood-filled mammal! They are plentiful and even aggressive this year. I half expect a bunch of them to knock at my door and call out, “candy-gram!” in a move to trick me. The solution? A screened room. If you’ve got an outdoor space that can [&hellip

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Residential sales activity in Grey and Bruce counties, including Owen Sound edged two percent higher than last year by this time. In June, 2014, home sales numbered 236 units. This was up by just one sale from a year earlier but came in well above the five-year average for the month and right in line [&hellip

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A horticultural treat in the Flesherton Memorial Park, alongside the south side the South Grey Museum, is the Heritage Herb Garden. Filled with plants that would be common in many a heritage garden, the plantings are divided into household, culinary, medicinal and tea herbs. The garden was an initiative of the South Grey Museum, under [&hellip

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We at are excited to have an opportunity to provide independent coverage of the upcoming municipal elections. We’ll be getting our Elections page up in August for news and comments on the October municipal elections – please join the discussion. We hope you are equally excited about voting in this election. To ensure that [&hellip

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Larry Miller, MP for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, last week announced the federal government’s Gas Tax Fund will transfer $4,554,021 to Bruce and Grey Counties to support infrastructure projects. The federal Gas Tax Fund is the largest component of the New Building Canada Plan, which will provide $53 billion in funding to communities across the country over the next [&hellip

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MULTIPLE DOMESTIC INCIDENTS – July 21, 2014 Grey County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) investigated eight (8) domestic related incidents between Friday, July 18th and Sunday, July 20th, 2014; four (4) of which resulted in charges. A Township of Georgian Bluffs man was charged with two counts of uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm [&hellip

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Rural or Country? I made this distinction to a hospital CEO years ago when working on a doctor recruitment strategy. He said that the materials aimed at the physicians – brochures, posters – needed to stress the “rural” location. I agreed we needed to let doctors know the area was not urban but suggested that [&hellip

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The Walking Village is holding a free Foraging in Flesherton Walk with seasoned forager and walk guide, David Turner. “There are plants, trees and shrubs in our forests and fields – and even in our yards – that can be eaten or made into teas, salves or tinctures for medicinal uses,” Turner says. Turner, who [&hellip

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Two years ago the Emerald Ash Borer, a tree destroying beetle, was first detected in the Saugeen Valley watershed. “We’ve been amazed with how quickly this infestation has spread,” Donna Lacey, Forestry Technician with Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority (SVCA), says. The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive species first discovered in North America in [&hellip

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